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Specialists in moving and relocation of servers - data center movers - server racks

Server Movers is a team of expert, dedicated, nationwide, capable IT professionals who understand the numerous challenges to be overcome when moving and relocating Servers, Data Center movers, Server Rooms and Server Racks.

Server Movers expert technicians specialize in both secure local and nationwide Server Moves, Data Center Moves, Server Room Moves and Server Rack Moves.

Our teams of highly trained expert, dedicated IT professionals and project managers understand the many complicated issues to be dealt with when moving your Server hardware across the street or across the nation. Our project managers have years of experience moving all types of server equipment.

All of our personnel are certified Server Movers IT personnel, including packers and drivers.

Your Server Equipment is always handled in a manner consistent with current, appropriate and expected protocols.

Server Movers is highly insured providing for the safety of your server equipment both onsite and during secure transport.

Integrity and customer service are the core values within our organization.

Your company’s Server Equipment is not only expensive, your Server Equipment is vital to the operation and success of your business.

Server Movers, founded 24 years ago, is a division of Computer Warehouse Services, LLC a nationally recognized Server Equipment relocation company providing nationwide Server moving solutions throughout the USA!

With high value Server Equipment, Data Centers and Server Racks there is a need for a solutions-based Data Center, Rack and Server Equipment Moving Vendor skilled to handle your Server equipment professionally, safely, securely and properly.

Our proficient data center movers are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and secure transition for your critical IT infrastructure. With a wealth of experience and precision, our expert team specializes in relocating data centers with minimal disruption. Trust us to handle the complexities of the move, safeguarding your valuable equipment and minimizing downtime. Whether you are expanding, consolidating, or upgrading, our comprehensive data center relocation services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Choose confidence and efficiency – choose our data center movers for a seamless migration experience.

So whether you are a small business moving Servers, a Data Center or Server Racks across the street, or a fortune 500 company moving your equipment across the country; Server Movers has the technical expertise, specialized equipment, solutions, and willingness to exceed your expectations at every opportunity

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Our data center move services

Server Movers professional relocation technicians provide expert secure moving of your valued server equipment assets. Server Movers will customize your move according to your requirements. We move:


Server Equipement

Data Centers

Server Rooms

Server Racks

Populated Server Racks


Battery back-up & UPS

Data arrays

Storage arrays


Optical Storage

and more!

In addition to our customizable packing, moving and secure relocation services, we also provide the following services for your valuable Server Equipment:

Free Project Management

Asset Tagging

High value Liability & Cargo Insurances



De-Rack / Re-Rack

Custom Packing

Secure Prvate Transport From Origin To Destination

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